Vutivi Workshops

The music career is often portrayed by the media as glamorous; cool and easy money. For this reason youth in South Africa and across the globe are attracted to this industry. Unfortunately most of the portrayed successes are either false or short-lived. The sad truth is that most musicians we see on television are living in debt, on credit, and will die poor. Another said truth is that a majority of hopeful youth, talented as they may, who are trying to enter the industry will probably die without tasting success in form of monetary returns, fame or even release of their albums. 

With this understanding, 034 Music has embarked on a series of workshop titled "Vutivi Music Business Workshops" with the aim to achieve the following objectives:
  • To empower our communities by ensuring they have a transparent view of the music industry - Not the glitz and glam often portrayed on the media
  • To establish a platform for up-and-coming acts to showcase their talent
  • To establish a platform for up-and-coming acts to consult with industry experts and;
  • To produce a new breed of successful, self-sustaining and financially prosperous musicians

Topics covered on the workshop include:

  • Why most musicians die poor? 
  • Where is the money in music?
  • Protecting your music and earning royalties
  • What SAMRO can and cannot do for you
  • How much do musicians make per CD sold?
  • Role of Publishers
  • Role of Artist Managers
  • Role of Record Labels (Major and Independent)
  • Music & the Internet: The Good & the Bad
  • What artists need to succeed in the industry
  • Drafting an album release plan

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