About Us

034 Music is a 100% black owned Music Business Consultancy found in 2010 by Andile Nkosi with the aim to produce business conscious artists. 034 Music’s programmes provide assistance to emerging musicians and those pursuing the showbiz industry careers with basic tools and tips to become business entities whose products and services are in the arts industry. This is achieved through private consultations with artists, artist managers, and indie label owners where the artist’s industry needs are identified and solutions are designed for implementation to achieve success.

Apart from consultations, 034 Music also conducts regional workshops around South Africa where musicians are introduced to music business basics. This is supplemented by an advisory blog site where articles are published based on the questions frequently asked during our workshops and social media interactions.

034 Music sees artists as businesses which require investment to later bear returns and profit. As such 034 Music is constantly hunting for business and individuals willing to invest in artist’s music careers with the hope to reap the returns that come with the artist’s industry success.

034 Music services are aimed at: 
  • Newcomers to the industry seeking to understand the music business
  • Novice musicians intending to become professionals
  • Professional artists seeking someone to handle their admin while they focus on mastering their art
  • Indie Labels seeking professional services at affordable cost
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Andile Nkosi is a Newcastle raised, Johannesburg based Music Business Consultant. He hold a BA (Hons) in Media Studies from the University of Witwatersrand where he studied and excelled in Applied Music, Film Studies, Media Studies and IT for Humanities. He has further been trained and qualified as a Change Manager (ProSci), ITIL Practitioner (Service Ops), and holds a white belt in the process improvement methodology Six Sigma.

During his undergraduate years, Andile played a critical role in the attainment of the Voice of Wits 90.5 FM’s broadcasting license. He was also instrumental in the attainment of Unisa FM’s broadcasting license. Cutting his teeth as part of Just Chill Entertainment, he has experience as an Event organizer; Visual screens advertising sales; and Party Liaison. He has also worked in Advertising Sales (for broadcasting) and also hosted a late night radio show Jozi Inferno.

A songwriter and producer as well, Andile Nkosi is a 3rd runner up in the Hansa Cool Sounds competition and has written songs, produced and recorded songs falling under the Kwaito; Hip-Hop; RnB; House and Gospel genre. Andile has also acted as an Artist Manager for South West Divas (Zambia, Malawi & RSA), Gospel El Marichi (RSA), Don K (DRC) and vernacular rapper OZ (RSA). He has further occupied positions as a Recording Label Liaison (South West Records); and a Music School Spokesperson (South West Media College). Andile has further been involved in the marketing and advertising sales teams of the download platform Shipa & KasiMp3 (www.kasimp3.com). Moreover, he is also the founder of the now defunct online magazine 034 Music Online.

With passion for developing the arts, Andile has founded 034 Music, a music business consultancy aimed at helping musicians develop their careers by providing basic services essential to any musician’s development. Through 034 Music, Andile has provided services to big names in the industry such as AB Crazy, Bakhe, Cleo Ice Queen, Fiesta Black (aka FB), iFani, Jay Stash, Kay-E, Miss Johannesburg Pageant, Vukani Khoza and DJ Zeal (Metro FM). Andile has also started a series of music business advisory blog series titled “Master your craft” where he teaches on most common music industry topics. Plans are on the way to turn this series into a video series as well.  Furthermore, he has founded the Vutivi Music Business Workshops where he travels to various communities teaching music business basics to up-and-coming artists.

A born-again Christian, Andile is also a youth leader at Cosmo City Church; a lead in the church’s media team and a spoken-word worshiper. He is currently working on his debut spoken-word worship album titled “The Anti-Yolo Mixtape” under the alias YHWH Steward which is due for release in the winter of 2014. Andile also working on a book: “Daddy, I want to be a pop star”.