Vutivi Music Workshops: How to write an Album Release Plan (Rustenburg)

By Andile Nkosi

A wise man once said "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail". This saying is true in all business ventures including those who pursue to release their music projects to the market.

Before you start recording you need to know why you are recording? What will you do with the music you will record? Most importantly you need to know how will you make money from the music you have recorded? Without a clear answer for these three questions you might be wasting your time and money recording in vain.

Similar to any business we conduct, we need to plan thoroughly before we invest energy and resources to music projects. An Album Release Plan is a tool that makes this process easier. Music Business Consultant, Andile Nkosi has invented the album release plan based on frequently asked requirements by the media; record labels; distributors; and other service providers such as marketing companies; artist managers and angel investors. The end result was a detailed document that not only tells you what to do and when but also where to go and why. The document is yielding such positive results that many of his clients have benefited from using it that they have released their albums successfully and on the planned date.

With a proper Album Release Plan finding finance for your project is a breeze. Also, a proper Album Release Plan let's you know how much you need to be successful hence enabling you to spend on the needs and not the nice to haves.

034 Music (under the edutainment banner VUTIVI MUSIC BUSINESS WORKSHOPS) is holding a series of seminars around the continent teaching musicians and indie labels how to put together basic album release plans. Join us for the next one on the 22nd of February 2014 at Olympia Park Stadium in Rustenburg from 9am. Thanks to the North-West Provincial Government and the Department of Arts and Culture the entrance to this workshop is free. See you there.

Should you with to bring a workshop to your hometown, simply email your request to 


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